The mind is ready now it is time to get the body in peak condition.

With the Superhuman Games under 5 weeks away my training is geared up to doing as well as I can in the event. I know my Superhuman Partner Oly is a machine and he will be ready it is now all about getting myself in the best shape possible.

Background into my training

I train all year round with Superhuman always in the back of my mind but not the specific focus. 3 months out (or as soon as the events get released) I always start to focus on the movements that will be crucial in the games.  This is always for me where the workouts become even more enjoyable as there is a defined purpose to each session that will in turn benefit me at the games.

In the last 8 weeks I up the training focus on my conditioning and reduce the heavy compound movements (weighted movements that involve lots of muscles I.E., deadlifts, squats) to once a week. Doing the heavy squats (a minimum of 5 rep range no one rep max lifting as this serves no benefit to this type of training) really helps me feel strong in the tyre flips and carrying events and is a movement that always feels great (at least when I have finished).

Strengths and Weaknesses

This is one of the most important phases to my training making a mental note of which events I am strong at and which events are more of a weakness. I continue to train my strengths but start to hone in on my weaknesses which this year are continuous synchronised movements.

I start off strong in the workouts but find in the continuous no rest workouts the lactic acid kicks in after 4-5 minutes my pace drops particularly in the shoulder-based workouts.

I know if I want to perform well in the games I need to remedy this and quickly.  I start to bring continuous style training into my workout 3 times a week, I build this up so I am used to working for longer than I need to in the games (usually by 3/4 minutes, this enables me to have better endurance, make the games feel easier, but is also not too much over the time frame that my pace slows).

My weaknesses are really starting to improve and my muscular endurance is really picking up, I remind myself there is still plenty of work to be done, but this is what I love and this is exactly why I do the games. Under 5 weeks to go let’s bring it on…

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