Why did you join Mayhem Fitness?

I joined Mayhem Fitness because I wanted to improve my fitness. I also wanted to challenge myself and train with like minded people outside in the natural elements without the tediousness of an indoor gym.

What two things do you like most about training at Mayhem?

The support you get from other members really helps me stay motivated and helps when I don’t feel like training. We always help push each other to do our vest best.

Being part of a team, which makes training much more fun then when I used to train by myself.

Heidi winning the Mayhem member of the year in 2020.

What is your favourite session and why?

To pick a favourite session is difficult as I like the challenge of all the sessions, bootcamp for the cardio, Superhuman Games and circuits for the strength training, run-club to help increase my speed in my running. All the sessions are challenging but great fun in their own right.

How has your fitness changed since becoming a member?

Since becoming a member my endurance, cardio and strength has massively improved. I have improved my running times in all the events I have taken part including 5k,10k, half marathon and even full marathons. I can lift more weight than I have ever done before whether that be deadlifts, shoulder press to name just two. I have also suffered from really bad arthritis in my hip after a fall running years ago and whilst it hasn’t gone away and never will I don’t think I would have been able to be either as fit or be able to do anywhere near as much without Mayhem.

Heidi enjoying another bootcamp session

Why should people join Mayhem Fitness?

Deciding to become a member of Mayhem is one of the best things I have done, The coaches are really passionate about what they do always encouraging you to do your best, taking the time to understand your needs and they will stop at nothing to help you achieve your fitness goals. Doing outdoor fitness is also really good for peoples mental health. I cannot recommend training at Mayhem highly enough.

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