We use BoxMate to help you get the best out of your fitness.

Tracking your Fitness
Tracking performance is vital for progression in training and it is the ultimate way to see how far you have come and keep pushing yourself to achieve further.

Being a Mayhem members will enable you to see the daily programming right from your homepage. It’s easy for members to swipe between sessions and see what’s coming up for the week ahead to get themselves in the right mindset and turn up to prepared. We know our members have busy schedules, so logging scores shouldn’t feel like an extra chore. With the Mayhem BoxMate App, logging is a simple and fun. Not only that, but every time they PB or log a first score for a workout or exercise their screen will be showered with confetti to help keep them motivated.

Like getting social? So do we! Members can screenshot and share progress on social media for even more love on that latest Personal Best! We really believe that logging, tracking and keeping it fun is the best way to keep moving forward. Progress, not perfection.

Only Ever Look Back To See How Far You’ve Come

If your are a competitive member, you will LOVE being able to view leader board positions and compare scores with others at Mayhem. Members can comment on each other’s scores and keep the competition and fun going long after they walk out of the session- meaning more engaged members and higher retention levels.

If competition isn’t your thing, then you can be your own best competition! Individuals can turn their activity to private and use the app in a personal capacity to view their own progress against previous scores and workouts. Coaches can also make notes on training to help remind you of how you have scaled or tackled particular workouts.

Our coaches often send out high fives along with the rest of the Mayhem members to congratulate you for your hard work in training!

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