The Mayhem Run Club interval training is one of our most popular and successful classes.

Run Club interval classes are for beginners; for runners looking for weight loss (to help a caloric deficit food plan) through to advanced runners; everyone will benefit from our running interval sessions

The two most frequent questions new members ask us about interval training at Mayhem are;

  1.  Is Run Club interval training only for advanced runners?

The short answer is no and here’s why; everyone from beginners to high-performance athletes/members can fully engage in Run Club training.  People often falsely assume that interval style training is synonymous with high intensity and is thus very strenuous.

In fact, the overall burden on the body can be controlled very well and at Mayhem we do this by adjusting the length and the intensity of the work and recovery periods on our members individual abilities and scale everything accordingly.

For example, if you run intervals at a 5k race pace, then it makes a significant difference if you do one minute of work and two minutes of recovery compared to one minute of work and only 30 seconds of recovery.  Intervals with shorter breaks are much more strenuous.  They are also ideal for beginner runners who have difficulty running for an extended time.

Short stops for rest or walks between each run help reduce the overall intensity and strain on the body and are nothing to be embarrassed about and should be welcomed and celebrated.  Even the best runners in the world rest or walk between their repetitions of interval training.

  1.  Why do we use interval style training at our Mayhem Run Clubs?

Studies have compared intense interval running with moderate steady continuous running.  There is evidence showing that much greater training effects can be achieved with interval running within the same period of training time.  

Intense intervals improve your aerobic and anaerobic endurance, increases your VO2 max and improves your running performance.  Additionally, the training stimulus on the muscles is much higher in the case of intense interval runs.

This means that the muscles require a lot of energy for repairing and building muscle tissue during the recovery phase.

These are the proven reasons why Mayhem use the system. Alongside the concrete evidence behind our interval-based training our run club sessions are so popular because it is a lot easier to do this intense style training in a truly supportive group helping you to get the most of yourself.

If you are interested in kick starting your running or taking your running to the next level, click the link below and try one of our run club sessions for free.

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