The Best Time of Year
This our favourite time of the year heading into the summer with the preparation for the best event the Superhuman Games and it is time to take our training to the next level.

At Mayhem Fitness the Superhuman Games 2023 fitness event has a massive influence on our training and what we do in our strength and conditioning classes.

When me and my training partner Oly first did SHG our members thought the event just sounded crazy. Now it is an aspirational target to so many of them. I am convinced once our members do the event the buzz will make even more sign-up next year.

Well prepared
Since the events were announced at the beginning of March, we have been determined to make our members as prepared for the SHG as is humanly possible.

The Superhuman games for those of you that don’t know about it, is a great event that pushes your body to the limit. The events are all simple activities that most people that train regularly can do and often involve carrying or moving odd shape objects from A to B.

New equipment
Two of the new pieces of equipment being used this year (for the first time ever) are the concrete block farmers walk carries and the log sled carrying a giant telegraph poll with rope attached to a tyre sled (all sounds cool) plus we also wanted beer kegs/barrels to match the weight of the games.

The uniqueness of the objects meant that for us normal sleds and normal objects carries wouldn’t be enough we wanted to give our members the real thing.

One our members Gerrard is a fantastic handyman who can fix and build pretty much anything. Gerrard not only found us a log he cut it down to size and attached a rope so we could attach it to a sled or 60kg tyre.  He and one of our other members Natalie’s partner both built us our concrete carry blocks by drilling a whole in the middle of the concrete and attaching a scaffolding pole through the middle.

One of our members Katkins knows a bar owner so we managed to get two slightly different sized barrels we then had Gerrard fill them so they weighed 20kg (men’s weight) and 15kg (women’s weight).

We also managed to secure a 196kg tyre (I chose this one as it would be heavier than the ones used in the games.)

The training

Our members have fully embraced the training whether that being flipping the tyre, carrying the concrete blocks, or snatching the barrels.

The one thing they have all found is despite the size and seemingly intimidating nature of the equipment everything has been doable and it always feel awesome once you have completed one of the workouts knowing you pushed past your normal comfort zone.

Being an affiliate

We are so pleased to be an affiliate of the Superhuman Games and we cannot wait for many more years of training and events to come.

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