Don’t Just Get Fit, Get Mayhem Fit!

About Us

Mayhem Fitness is all about combining the best of structured indoor training principles with the freedom and benefits of outdoor training. We believe that, whatever your age, gender or level of fitness, your training goals deserve more than a standard “one size fits all” bootcamp. Our fun and effective outdoor training will be targeted to you and focused on helping you get the best out of yourself. We want you to enjoy the process of getting the results which are important to you.

Mayhem Fitness was founded because we believe that, whether you are a beginner or have a high level of fitness experience, every time you train you should be doing something the takes you closer towards your goals. For us, that means always innovating what we do to keep our sessions fresh and challenging to ensure that you stay motivated and inspired by your training. We believe in delivering classes which focus on a range of functional exercises and activities which develop muscle strength and endurance to progress all aspects of your fitness.

Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors have a genuine passion for fitness and are dedicated to creating a supportive and fun training environment. With a work hard/play hard ethos, you can be sure that whichever Mayhem session you attend there will be a great social atmosphere as you are challenged to push yourself and achieve your goals.

Ensuring you have the most fun becoming as fit as possible is quite simply the reason we do what we do. So join us today and don’t just get fit, get Mayhem fit!

Our Passionate Fitness Instructors

Meet The Minds Behind The Mayhem

With a true passion for fitness and having reached their own goals, our instructors are committed to keeping sessions fresh and innovative, so that you can get the most out of every moment. So, let’s meet the minds behind the Mayhem!

Head Coach
Head Coach Matt "MAYHEM" May Learn More
Deputy Coach
Deputy Coach Hayley "Bootcamp" Payton Learn More
Coach John "The Legend" Lawrence Learn More
Coach Sarah "Couch To Mayhem" Gayton Learn More
Deborah "Binty" May Learn More
Barbara "Pilates" Wootton Learn More