Taking your bootcamp training to the next level

Why are there different types of bootcamps?

At Mayhem Fitness we are always looking to make our bootcamps the very best. We have designed three different bootcamp styles each targeting a different area of your fitness to give you the very best of results.

What is Bootcamp Phoenix?

Bootcamp Phoenix is based on movement routines designed to improve your balance and core stability. Phoenix classes will always include at least one moving exercise (exercises where you travel for example walking lunges). Exercise and running drills in this class will be shorter than other classes and built around developing both your speed and power whilst still giving you that fantastic Mayhem feeling.

Is Bootcamp Phoenix suitable for my level of ability?

Yes the beauty of every Mayhem bootcamp is that they are designed for all level of abilities. We scale both the exercises given and distance run to a level that you can both do and will get you results no matter your fitness level

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