The Superhuman games in one of the toughest and most mentally challenging events that I have ever done and for this reason it is by far the most rewarding. This will be my fifth year in a row (excluding the COV-ID 19 2020 cancellation) and the event schedule has now been released.

To give you a background on the Superhuman Games it is an all-day event split into 5 20-minute workouts that usually include tractor tyres, atlas stones, weighted back packs, running, rowing machines and many things that before you train you are not quite sure you can complete (this is not quite true as I often have naive confidence in myself no matter my ability or lack of).

Over the next few weeks my goal is to improve my continuous fitness and muscular endurance, basically to be able to keep going for 12-20 minutes. Many of the drills I will do will consist of backpack runs, burpees, bear crawls and rowing to name just a few.

However the fitness side is not the biggest challenge and this links in to Mayhem sessions, the biggest challenge is readying the mind for the ordeal. In the Superhuman Games much like bootcamp it does not matter how fit you are the feeling halfway through one of the 20-minute drills is exactly the same, your body is telling you it wants to quit and the pain is very real.

I have trained many bootcampers/coaches and clients and I promise you know one enjoys that pain feeling (whatever they may tell you afterwards). The key is accepting that this hurts and embracing the fact that your mind is strong and you will finish. This is where the Relentless, Unstoppable, Invincible tag was born I often remind myself of this when in the mix of a super tough workout, it is never about ability it is about not giving up and pushing through.

The training is starting to come on and burpees, bear crawls and my mindset are beginning to take shape. We are 7 weeks away from the most awesome event I have ever done, and I can not wait. There is still a long way to go but we are on the right track……

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