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Meeting Your Goals Made Easy

What To Expect:

At Mayhem Fitness, we like to go the extra mile to ensure that you have all your fitness goals covered. That’s why we have developed a range of programmes tailored to different training goals. Each programme is a “plug and play” that you can follow on your own at home, outdoors or in a gym if you wish. Alternatively, you can choose to follow the programmes with remote coaching from a Mayhem instructor, or by joining one of the group coaching programmes we run periodically.

Choose The Right Level For You

Fitness programmes available in our “becoming mayhem-fit” series


Lose weight and feel great with our beginner’s fat loss and fitness programme. Suitable for those with more than one stone to lose and/or have not recently been in a regular fitness regime.



Get leaner and fitter with our improver’s fat loss of fitness programme. Suitable for those with less than a stone to lose and/or who are already in a regular fitness regime.



Focus on body re-composition and getting as fit as possible. Suitable for those who are committed to a regular fitness routine and want to look and feel at their best by taking their training and nutrition to the next level.


All programmes in the series are 8 weeks in duration and are priced at £169 each.

Start at level 1, and you can work your way through to 3 if you wish. Alternatively, just jump right in at the level that’s right for you. Either way, our fitness and nutrition programmes will get you Mayhem fit in next to no time!

All Programmes Include

  • Nutritional support from easy to prepare recipe booklets for healthy, tasty meals with full myfitnesspal nutritional details and barcodes for tracking in the myfitnesspal app (chose from meat, vegetarian or vegan recipe booklets);
  • Suggested food plans tailored to you and shopping lists to take the hassle out of food preparation;
  • Guidance on calorie consumption and macros;
  • Workout programme tailored to your goal;
  • Remote coaching support;
  • Access to our “Inner Circle” Mayhem Facebook group for peer advice and support
  • Unlimited access to our timetabled classes for the duration of the programme;
  • Before and after fitness tracking guidance.

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To find out more about our programmes, and how we can help you achieve your fitness goals. Please provide your email address, phone number and a short description of your goal (e.g. weight loss, running PB, general health and fitness etc.), and we can provide you with a free, no-obligation telephone consultations and details of our next group coaching start dates.

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