Event Details

  • Event Name: The Beacon Challenge
  • Date: TBC
  • Location: Campbell Park
  • Time: TBC


What Is The Challenge?

Possibly the toughest challenge in Milton Keynes, the Beacon challenge involves completing 50 laps of Campbell Park’s iconic Beacon Hill. This is not just a running challenge. You will experience a range of crazy ways to scale Beacon Hill in addition to numerous exercises that ensure your whole body gets a workout.

What Can I Expect?

The Beacon Challenge is a great test of your physical strength, but also requires you to dig deep into your reserves of self-belief to see it through to the end. The feeling of satisfaction you will get when you complete the challenge is well worth the effort and will create a lasting memory. It is you against the hill, but with the motivation and support from your Mayhem instructors and fellow members, you are not alone and will have lots of fun taking this challenge on.

Who Can Join?

Anyone who likes a challenge should give our Beacon challenge a shot. It is hard but achievable, and you get all the antics and laughter involved, you will not regret taking part!