Mayhem Fitness is all about combining the best of structured indoor training principles with the freedom and benefits of outdoor training. We believe that, whatever your age, gender or level of fitness, your training goals deserve more than a standard “one size fits all” bootcamp. Our fun and effective outdoor training will be targeted to you and focused on helping you get the best out of yourself. We want you to enjoy the process of getting the results which are important to you.

Mayhem Fitness was founded because we believe that, whether you are a beginner or have a high level of fitness experience, every time you train you should be doing something the takes you closer towards your goals. For us, that means always innovating what we do to keep our sessions fresh and challenging to ensure that you stay motivated and inspired by your training. We believe in delivering classes which focus on a range of functional exercises and activities which develop muscle strength and endurance to progress all aspects of your fitness.

Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors have a genuine passion for fitness and are dedicated to creating a supportive and fun training environment. With a work hard/play hard ethos, you can be sure that whichever Mayhem session you attend there will be a great social atmosphere as you are challenged to push yourself and achieve your goals.

Ensuring you have the most fun becoming as fit as possible is quite simply the reason we do what we do. So join us today and don’t just get fit, get Mayhem fit!

Meet The Minds Behind The Mayhem

Our Passionate Fitness Instructors. With a true passion for fitness and having reached their own goals, our instructors are committed to keeping sessions fresh and innovative, so that you can get the most out of every moment. So, let’s meet the minds behind the Mayhem! 



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Matt is the reason Mayhem Fitness exists and the embodiment of his own training methods. A personal trainer and outdoor fitness coach for 9 years, Matt believes passionately in delivering fun and creative training, based on solid principles of fitness, and has an impressive track record of success with clients of all ages, levels of ability and training goals.

Matt loves to create a positive training environment with a good bit of banter at classes and is dedicated to helping you to be the best you can be. He will push you for that extra rep when you think you can’t do any more and is always there to cheer you on or to give you the proverbial kick up the bum as required.

Matt’s own training focuses on a balance of weight training and general fitness. He wanted to create Mayhem Fitness to offer a place of training for people who want to focus on the sort of strength and conditioning training typically found as part of an indoor/box gym training programme, but with all the enjoyment and benefits of outdoor exercise for general fitness.

Matt will encourage and challenge you to achieve what you never thought possible with your fitness. Not shy of a fitness challenge himself, Matt has hit a diverse range of high points in his own training from achieving a black belt in Goji ryu Karate, to becoming a competitive runner, a formidable superhuman games competitor, and hitting countless personal bests with his weight training. Matt has even recently taken on the challenge of rowing the Channel for charity.

Join Matt for a session and meet the man behind the Mayhem!
Hayley is a life-long exercise enthusiast and connoisseur of the outdoor bootcamp turned fitness coach. Having attended more outdoor fitness classes over the years than you’ve had hot dinners, Hayley knows what it takes to make an awesome session and how to deliver it.

Other than her passion for outdoor fitness and bootcamps, Hayley’s wider fitness regime has always been a fairly eclectic mix of training, and she has turned her hand to a number of different activities over the years, including dancing, skating, running, and teaching aerobics and step aerobics. Her fitness ethos is about empowering herself, and looking and feeling good through her training, by taking fun recreational fitness seriously.

Hayley was a personal training client of Matt’s before joining forces with him to create Mayhem. Having been on both sides of the fitness industry for a number of years, and having achieved great results herself through Matt’s training methods, she is a testimonial for the Mayhem fitness concept and a big believer in having a regular and sustainable exercise regime that you really enjoy.

Join Hayley for a session and meet the biggest bootcamp fan in Milton Keynes!
One of Mayhem’s most experienced and knowledgeable instructors, John is the oracle on effective no-gimmicks fitness with a real focus on form and technique.

A legend in the MK fitness community, John’s driven personality and relentless commitment to his own fitness, coupled with his grade-A instructor banter, brings an infectious positive energy to his sessions.

A fan of obstacle courses and strongman events, John loves practical, functional fitness and delivers fun, upbeat classe​s based on solid principles of fitness. Whatever your age or level of fitness, John will ensure you get the maximum benefit from every workout.
As a long term client of Matt “Mayhem” May before becoming a personal trainer herself, Sarah’s fitness journey saw her overcome some serious challenges to secure many personal bests.

After suffering for a decade with a herniated disc in her back, Sarah started weightlifting to rebuild her strength and mobility and is now also a keen runner with multiple personal bests under the belt in 5k, 10k and half marathon distances.

Sarah runs our “Couch to Mayhem” 5k training programme and is committed to helping people become fitter and healthier. If you are at the start of your fitness journey, or are returning to fitness after injury, Sarah will help you advance your fitness with an emphasis on the correct techniques, posture and mobility which played a central role in her own rehabilitation.
From park runs and cattle creeps, to chick chases and a wide range of national and international running races of varying distances, Deborah is an enthusiastic and versatile runner with an enviable number of top billings in race results.

Fond of chatting to members whilst helping them chase down those personal bests, Deborah (known for so long now as “Binty” that people have forgotten where the nickname came from) ensures every run-fit session is both sociable and effective.

As committed to your success as she is to her own, Deborah will ensure you find the joy in running whilst getting those miles (don’t try to speak to her in kilometres whatever you do!) times down.

A high energy master of motivation, Deborah will support and encourage you whilst holding you accountable to your training goals. You may run, but you definitely can’t hide at a Deborah run-fit session!
With a growing following of Pilates-loving “Wootton Warriors” on facebook, Barbara is a trusted expert in her field and a specialist in helping people with injury prevention, balance, mobility, flexibility and core stability.

Barbara believes in the benefits of an active lifestyle and has her own impressive fitness CV which includes marathon, triathlon and half-ironman races. Used to pushing her own body to its limits, Barbara really understands the value of Pilates in improving performance and aiding recovery.

If you are looking to strengthen your body to become more resilient to physical activity and stress, or if you just want to relax, de-stress and feel great, then book a Pilates class with Barbara as part of your Mayhem training week.